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It's obvious. And fundamental. Past purchasers can be a valuable and steady source of instructions, but maintaining contact with hundreds of individuals can be challenging. Staying in touch after they've purchased through you helps prevent them from jumping into another agent‘s lead funnel when they’re thinking about buying or selling again in the future.

The key is to maintain meaningful dialogue with them. Hello Again automates regular contact whilst delivering a message that they will positively enjoy receiving. On each anniversary of their purchase, Hello Again will craft a personalised letter along with a property data sheet containing useful and interesting statistics about their home, including an automated valuation, recent nearby sales, UK house price data and much more.

We have been selling homes for years

On average, we sell properties per year

Homeowners in my area move every years

of your past purchasers will instruct an agent in the next 6 months. Have you been in touch recently?

Marketing that's a pleasure to receive

The key to effective communication with past purchasers is delivering a message they will enjoy reading. Hello Again’s data sheets are packed with local property information specific to that homeowner and property, blurring the lines between marketing and customer service.

You can even customise your inserts to match your branding and logo!

Address Matching that Learns

Matching addresses in different formats presents a unique technical challenge. Hello Again utilises the latest in machine learning technology to intelligently match addresses whilst continually refining its results.

Algorithmic Property Valuations

Our proprietary AVM (Automated Valuation Model) produces estimated valuations for each property every year. Accompanied by an offer of a free expert valuation this can be a powerful tool to drive market appraisals.

Fully Automated Communication

Maintain contact with hundreds of past purchasers without lifting a finger. Hello Again automates everything from checking which purchasers have moved since, through to generating the letters themselves.

Hello Again is Currently in Closed Beta Testing

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